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For my LIS 204: Introduction to Library and Information Science class, I am writing a paper on Information Overload.  Every time I told a friend or family member what I was working on, they were very interested (and commented on how timely it was for me considering that I have been juggling work information, school information, and new medical information as I deal with and try to understand my hearing loss).

For anyone else out there who is doing a little research on Information Overload, but is having trouble finding sources, check out the references that I used to write my paper here: Information Overload References.  Once I’ve finalized my paper I will post that on this site as well.

*Image taken from: http://www.gettingmoredone.net/images/desk.jpg.


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Did you know?

I came across an interesting YouTube video today about the progression of information, information technology and how fast things are changing in the world.  It seems to me that right now is a very good time to be studying to become a Librarian.

This video was researched by Karl Fisch & Scott McLeod, and remixed by Jeff Brenman.  I believe there is a newer edition.  Once I’ve located it, I will update this entry.

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Way back when I was still in law school, I took an advanced research class called “International and Foreign Law Research”.  This was a great class which introduced students to different resources available in different international forums, as well as different obstacles to obtaining international legal information and suggestions for getting around those obstacles.  As part of this class, we were all required to create a research guide for a specific audience.  I chose to write a guide for doing research on the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.  To see the guide, click here, or follow the link under “My Documents” which is located in the right column.

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