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E-books are a hot topic right now.   My interest, while partially professional, is mainly personal.  I love reading books on my Sony e-reader, but my book budget is kind of small so I can only buy a few books per year for it.  The rest of the books I read on my Sony need to be free.  Usually, I borrow books from my library (yup, according to Library Journal I am a library e-book power user – ie, I borrow at least 13 eBooks from my library every year), but the list of available titles (that I want to read) is small, and the wait to get the books is often long.

So, I stumbled upon a great blog on eBooks called TeleRead, and they have a page dedicated to providing a list of places to find free eBooks called Catalog of Free eBooks!  How cool is that!  That find was just too good not to share.

Also, of personal interest to me is that through the list, I found another website that has free Swedish childrens books online.  Aces!  Now I have one more place to go when trying to find Swedish books to read to my little girl.


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